This 3-way monitoring system is driven by a proprietary tri-amped power amplifier section, which uses a high efficiency, full resonance, switched-mode power supply. The amplifier includes a built-in DSP module, with digital filtering functions such as system EQ, time alignment between HF, MF and LF sections, limiter parameters, thermal protection of the transducers, and more...


Amplitude linearity (±2dB)

30 Hz - 20 kHz

Cut-off frequencies (-6dB) 24 Hz - 30 kHz
Max. continuous SPL 124 dB
Transducer (HF) 1 x Beryllium 34-mm Soft Dome tweeter
Transducer (MF) 1 x ATC 75-mm Super Dome mid driver
Transducer (LF) 1 x TAD 375-mm bass driver
DSP type Analog Devices SHARC DSP
Amplifiers Output 3 x 1000W (8Ω) Class-D with PFC System


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